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Thank you for saving my vision! I wanted to let you know how lucky I feel that you were there. The surgery went well...Thank you for taking care of me! - P.
My Mother-In-Law had an emergency with her eyes, we called and got her in right away. Dr. Lin was kind, knowledgeable and caring. We won't be going anywhere else for our family's eye care. Thank you so much. - T.
I want to thank God for Ethan Wonchon Lin, MD, ophthalmologist and surgeon. He was the third ophthalmologist to exam my eyes. I was nearsighted and had problems driving at night. I needed two cataracts and two cornea transplants surgery in both eyes. Dr. Lin explained to me the procedure, financial break down, the surgery, recovery and healing process. I went through the surgery with success on both eyes. I thank the donor's family for making my surgery possible. I am so thankful that my eyes are doing a lot better. It was a miracle for me. I went back to the other two ophthalmologists who referred me for my yearly eye exams. Both doctors said my surgery looks very good. I recommend Dr. Lin to any one that needs eye surgery or other eye procedures. Special thanks to Dr. Lin for his kindness, patient, time, effort and eye knowledge. Doctor Lin and staff felt like family. Dr. Lin checked up on me several times through office visits and my eyes recovery. I was able to text or contact him; when I needed him for a question. It was my pleasure writing this review. - M.
Dr. Lin is an outstanding physician and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I'm in the healthcare industry also. As a nurse I understand how important it was to have good vision to take care of my patients. I was extremely nearsighted, hated glasses, and had trouble keeping my contact lenses in for so many hours a day. I had been interested in Lasik for years and finally decided to see Dr. Lin for a consultation. He was thorough, caring and compassionate and took the time to explain my options and which would be best for me. He and his staff are always able to accommodate my schedule and assist me with all my needs. First time in 18 years that I am finally glasses and contact free and I love it. I have 20/20 vision bilaterally and I owe my perfect eyesight to him. - K.
Amazing Doctor and wonderful staff. Had cataract surgery. The whole process was smooth and completely made comfortable before and after surgery. - S.
I saw Dr. Lin for a chalazion. He explained everything and I decided to get the steroid shot. Within 3 days it was nearly gone. I had this huge bump on my eye for nearly 3 months. I'm thankful for modern medicine and Dr. Lin! I had a good experience. I would recommend them! - E.
Dr. Lin has been amazing. I went in because I see glare. He could not find anything wrong with my eyes, BUT I mentioned numb legs and he has been such a help pointing me in the right direction as to why I am having these symptoms. He has been very thorough. I am happy to have found this office because Dr. Lin has made me feel like he wants to genuinely help me figure out what is going on. - R.
My husband's time is very limited, so going to a clinic where you wait 4 hours for different eye exams etc. was not an option (this is what happened to me at another Las Vegas clinic). He was seen in a timely manner by Dr. Lin and was out in an hour and a half. He was very happy with the service provided. We were also seen in a timely manner and had very thorough exams. We were out in 2 hours! To have such thorough eye examinations plus time to talk with the eye doctor and still leave in 2 hours is the BEST I have ever experienced at an eye clinic. Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Thank you for treating my mother so well. - P.
It's me again with another medical review and I always research the MD, Dentist or whoever I'm going to see pretty well so I've done a lot of the legwork for you. And this is my honest experience, and yours may not be the same.

Today I called to make an appointment with Dr. Lin, and they had an opening around lunchtime! Great! One point so far, upon arriving 25 min early I signed in and was greeted and filled out the usual forms and told to have a seat and someone would call me so I waited....I know you thought I was going to say I waited a really long time didn't you? Well I was called in about 10 min and before my scheduled time, another point! Well surprise, surprise I didn't have to wait that long before being greeted by a very cordial and happy Dr. Lin. Another point! Dr. Lin is very knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about his patients. He answered all my questions and made sure I understood everything before departing the room.

I highly recommend Dr Lin for any eye needs.
- G.
Phew! I had gotten something in my eye and wasn't able to flush it out. I could see it on my cornea but it wasn't moving when I'd flush. The appt was for 20 minutes from the time I called. I was surprised at how quickly I was seen, and even more surprised at how quick the whole process was. An hour after the thing had gotten in my eye, it was out! Instant relief! I felt like I was in good hands, which was proven by the end of the visit. - S.
Just had my first cataract surgery. Dr Lin and his team were just amazing. Going back next week for the second eye. They really care about you and explain everything. - E.
Dr. Lin has been my doctor for about over a year now. I love how they take the time and ask if there has been any changes with my eyes or myself and if there's anything that they need to focus on. Will definitely continue coming here.
- B.


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