Cataract Treatments

What Is A Cataract?

Ethan-Wonchon-Lin-MD-Eye-Doctor-Cataract-Las-Vegas-NVA cataract is a gradual clouding of the eye’s naturally clear lens. The lens inside our eye is responsible for focusing light on the back on the eye so that we can see things clearly. As the natural lens becomes cloudy, it diminishes the passage of light to the back of the eye. The light that does enter becomes scattered and blurred, often leaving you feeling as though you are looking through a dusty or foggy window. Many people are unaware that they have cataracts because the changes in their vision are gradual.

Cataract Causes

Aging is the most common cause of cataracts. It is essentially an unavoidable part of life like wrinkles or grey hair. This process usually starts in the 50s but does not become noticeable until years later, requiring cataract surgery.

Other factors that may play a role in developing cataracts includes:

  • Diabetes
  • Steroid use
  • Trauma
  • Genetic
  • UV light exposure

Because everyone eventually develops cataracts, it is the most commonly performed surgery in America, over 3 million cataract surgeries are performed every year.

Cataract Symptoms

Common signs and symptoms of cataracts:

  • Blurry or cloudy vision
  • Sensitivity to light and glare
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Seeing “halos” around lights
  • Double vision in one eye
  • Frequent changes in eyeglass/ contact lens prescription
  • Fading or yellowing of colors

Cataract Treatment Options

In the early stages of cataracts, surgery is not typically required but can be safely observed, sometimes with an update in glasses or contact lens prescription. Over time, as the cataract continues to worsen, surgery will become necessary.

During cataract surgery, the natural lens of the eye is removed. In its place a clear intraocular lens (IOL) is inserted. This elegant procedure can be successfully done in less than ten minutes as an outpatient procedure.

At Westwood Eye, we believe in offering our patients the most advanced technology and customized treatment options available. With advanced intraocular lenses, laser cataract surgery, and astigmatism correction, we will not only restore your vision and lifestyle, but also greatly reduce your need for glasses. Our very happy patients rave about their vision after surgery and wish they had seen us sooner.

If you’re concerned you may be affected, we recommend scheduling an evaluation with our cataract specialists. If cataract surgery is indeed recommended, your surgeons will discuss your visual goals following the procedure.

Many other eye centers may recommend the most expensive lens for all their patients but at our practice we believe in only offering the best lens suited for your ocular health and lifestyle, even if it is simply just the standard lens. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan right for you. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach!

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